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These Principles are titled as “Course-based Special Contract Academic Personnel Appointment Principles”



In these principles, Course-based Special Contract Academic Personnel will be referred to as DÖSAP.



The aim of these Principles is to determine the principles and rules to be adhered to during the appointment of Course Based Special Contract Academic Staff (DÖSAP) by the academic units of the University.



These principles include the rules regarding the selection and appointment processes and remuneration of course-based academic staff to be appointed either from within or outside the TRNC in cases where the number of full-time academic staff falls insufficient and/or for benefiting our students from the prominent persons in their fields.

Academic Qualities


The following academic qualities are sought in persons to be appointed under DÖSAP status:


Those who will teach postgraduate and undergraduate courses are expected to hold at least a doctorate degree for field courses, and preferably a doctorate degree for other courses or at least a master’s degree, if not available,


In cases where the conditions sought in Article (a) above cannot be fulfilled, appointments can be made upon the approval of the Rector’s Office, if deemed necessary,


Those who will teach associate and technician courses are primarily expected to possess professional experience in their field,


Those who study at the university’s postgraduate programs are required not to have been expelled due to academic failure.

Legal Requirements


The following requirements are prescribed by law for those who are to be appointed under the DÖSAP status;


Not being a government or social insurance pensioner,


Citizens of the Republic of Turkey or persons from third countries are expected not to be employed at another institution in the TRNC,


If the concerned person works at another institution, the regulations of the institution s/he works for must be suitable for his/her appointment at EMU on a course-based status and permission must be obtained from the institution for which the person works.

Principles and Procedures of Appointment



Appointments of the course-based academic staff are subject to the recommendation of the Dean’s Office/ School Directorate and the approval of the Rector’s Office. After the finalisation of the appointment lists or at any stage, if requested, information as a whole is provided to the University Executive Board or the Board of Trustees.


Appointments and workloads are made per academic term and a contract for the relevant term is prepared, accordingly. However, whilst the appointments and workloads of Turkish and 3rd country citizens are done per semester, contracts for immigration procedures can be prepared annually in order to comply with the TRNC laws and regulations.


An academic staff member (with DÖSAP status) can be assigned a maximum course load of 16 hours per week, calculated in accordance with the “Principles of Weekly Calculation of the Course Load and Additional Course Load of Academic Staff”.


An academic staff member (with DÖSAP status) cannot be assigned more than 3 different courses.


The appointment is planned in such a way that the assigned course is held regularly every week. Assignments cannot be made in a way allowing classes to be held once every two weeks, once a month or otherwise.


The assignment is made in a way that does not exceed 6 hours of actual course load within a day.


The assignment is done in such a way that each assigned course has “at least one hour” as office hour, at a time suitable for students and within hours.


For compelling exceptions to the aforesaid issues, the written preliminary consent of the Rector’s Office is required.

Points of Consideration


The issues to be taken into account during appointments are as follows:


3-hour block (consecutive) classes are avoided as much as possible in the assignment.


Attention is paid to ensure that a break of at least one hour is allocated between different classes/groups.


Care is taken not to appoint postgraduate students who are in the TRNC with a student visa.

Accommodation in the Guesthouse and Transportation


The principles and rules regarding the accommodation and transportation of the academic staff assigned from Turkey are as follows:


Travel expenses (to and from the TRNC) of the academic staff appointed from Turkey (including transfer fees to airports in Turkey by public transportation) are covered by the University, provided that they are documented and do not exceed the amount to be determined by the Rector’s Office.


Transportation between Ercan airport and the hotel/guesthouse is carried out by EMU’s own vehicles or through the method that EMU deems appropriate. Expenses incurring due to another transportation method without the knowledge and approval of the relevant authorities are not covered by the University.

Appointment Process



Appointments to be made to meet the need for DÖSAP are made at the end of the job opening period, to be advertised prior to the start of the Academic Year, after the total number of vacant positions for a semester (hours/term) determined by the Rector’s Office in consultation with the Heads of Academic Units (hours/term) has been approved by the Board of Trustees.


Vacant positions are announced by the Rector’s Office, also via the internet, and applications are received online.


Academic units are not obliged to fill in the vacancy they announced if the such a need is not valid anymore.


Academic units meet their sudden requests by announcing the vacancy for at least one week upon the approval of the Rector’s Office.

Payment Principles



Based on the title and duty, payments are made on the hourly payment tariff approved by the University Executive Board and the Board of Trustees in line with the recommendation of the Rector’s Office.


Payments are made on a monthly basis on the payment days of full-time academic staff, following the approval of the appointment by the Rector’s Office, the completion of the necessary legal procedures for starting the job, and the submission of the employment information to the relevant departments.


Transportation allowance can be paid to the instructors who agree to teach on a voluntary basis over the amount determined by the University Executive Board, subject to the approval of the Rector’s Office


Payments of academic staff are assigned on a course-based basis at the University, and at the same time, who work in TRNC government offices, public institutions or organizations or other institutions are made within the framework of the institutional protocol, special permission or the rules of the Revolving Fund of the institution s/he is employed at, if any.

Contract Criteria


The 5-month contract to be signed by the academic staff to be appointed as Course Based Private Contract Personnel (DÖSAP) for each academic semester is prepared in accordance with the following criteria:


At the beginning of the academic semester (2 days after the end of the ADD/DROP period at the latest), a “Weekly Courseload List” is prepared by the office of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs for each Academic Staff member in the DÖSAP category, in accordance with the “Principles Regarding the Calculation of Weekly Course Load and Additional Course Load of the Academic Staff”.


The weekly course load of the Academic Staff in DÖSAP category cannot exceed “16 hours/week”.


The monthly salary or wage calculation of the Academic Staff in DÖSAP category is made over 4.5 weeks.


The Financial Affairs Directorate calculates monthly salary or wages based on “Weekly Course Load * DÖSAP hourly wages approved by the Board of Trustees * 4.5 weeks”.


The academic staff member under DÖSAP category agrees to perform other duties as required by his/her course and/or that may fall beyond the weekly course-load specification provided by the university (office hours, exams of the courses, jury duties, all types of extra-curricular academic activities required by the course/s, assigned exam invigilation duties) on the condition that the specified weekly course-load has not been exceeded


Academic staff in DÖSAP category are required to make up for the class or classes they could not hold due to personal reasons.


The Academic Personnel under the DÖSAP category are paid a fixed monthly salary calculated on the basis of “Weekly Course Load * Hourly DÖSAP wages approved by the Board of Trustees * 4.5 weeks” during their signed contractual period.

Special Circumstances


Circumstances other than those stipulated by these Principles are finalised by the Rector’s Office.

Executive Power


These principles are executed by the Eastern Mediterranean University Rector’s Office.



These Principles take effect as of the academic term following the date of approval by the Board of Trustees.