Eastern Mediterranean University Rector’s Office makes the following Principles in accordance with the Eastern Mediterranean University Executive Board’s resolution and approval.



General Provisions

Brief Title

UYK 03.09.2019 19/705-07



 “Eastern Mediterranean University Disabled Students Unit Principles”




The aim of these principles is to regulate the working principles of the Disabled Students Unit established with the purpose of identifying and implementing necessary measures to facilitate the academic life of the disabled students at the Eastern Mediterranean University.



These principles cover the provisions pertaining to the operation principles the Eastern Mediterranean University Disabled Students Unit established with the purpose of identifying the disabled students studying at the Eastern Mediterranean University as well as taking necessary measures optimizing their academic life and working towards fulfilling this purpose.




Unless otherwise stated,

“Rector” refers to Eastern Mediterranean University Rector,

“Rectorate” refers to Eastern Mediterranean University Rector’s Office,

“Executive Board” refers to the Eastern Mediterranean University Executive Board,

“Disabled Student” refers to a student who encounters difficulties in integrating into society as well as taking care of his/her daily life because of an impairment in their physical, mental, psychological, emotional and social skills at varying degrees due to causes that may be present either from birth or at a later stage in life and, at the same time, to individuals who are in need of rehabilitation, counseling and support services,  

“Academic Unit” refers to faculties, institutes, schools and vocational schools operating under the Eastern Mediterranean University,

“Academic Unit Executive Board” refers to the executive board of a faculty, institute and school, 

“Unit” refers to the Eastern Mediterranean University Disabled Students Unit,

“Unit Executive Board” refers to the Disabled Students Unit Executive Board,

“Unit Coordinator” refers to a staff member, preferably, with specialisation in the activities of the Disabled Students Unit and appointed by the Rectorate,

“Disabled Students Advisor” refers to an academic staff member in each academic unit appointed by the unit


Disabled Students Unit and Duties

Formation of the Disabled Students Unit


Disabled Students Unit: Operating under the Rector’s Office and  under the chairmanship and responsibility of a vice rector appointed by the Rector, and made up of coordinator academic staff members preferably specialized in the field of disability or other relevant fields of special education and academic representatives elected by the relevant faculty, school, vocational school and institute boards, the Disabled Students Unit  identifies the needs of the disabled students concerning the academic, administrative, physical, social and accommodation-related areas and specifies, plans, implements and develops action for the fulfillment of the aforesaid needs and evaluates the outcomes of activities taking place within scope of the unit.


Duties of the Disabled Students Unit





Duties of the Disabled Students Unit are as follows:

A)    Specifying the educational, scholarship, administrative, physical, social and accommodation-related needs of the disabled students enrolled in higher education programs, determining the necessary measures to be taken for the fulfillment of these needs and presenting recommendations for problems   they might encounter, and coordinating with other units within the university to make necessary arrangements.

B)    In order for the disabled university students to carry on their education in a way that will not hinder their academic, physical, psychological and social lives, the Disabled Students Unit provides the arrangement of the physical settings at the learning environment in line with the needs of the students with disabilities, supplies equipment for the disabled students, takes decisions about the preparation of special course materials and preparation of education, research and accommodation environments suitable for the disabled.

C)    During the provision of educational services, providing educational possibilities by taking into account the special conditions and differences of the disabled students, in integrated environments and under equal and equivalent conditions

D)    Ensuring the participation of disabled people, families of the disabled and related voluntary organizations in services to be provided for students with disabilities.

E)     Carrying out publication activities targeted towards students of higher education and academic staff, preparing informative documents targeted towards academic staff and containing information on being disabled,  difficulties faced by the disabled, and the relevant adjustments for the disabled, increasing the awareness level on the concept of disability and the disabled, providing counseling services for the relevant stakeholders, and, if needed, providing in-service training. 

F)    Developing programs and projects, organising seminars, conferences and similar activities in order to raise awareness and sensitivity on the concept of disability.

G)  Preparing and implementing the work schedule of the Unit, identifying the relevant budgetary needs for the realisation of activities and preparing an annual activity report and presenting it to the Rector.

H)  Creating a website featuring publications, documents, and information for the parties involved in the unit’s activities and operations; enabling the disabled students in the university to express their problems and requests and providing the possibility of communication with the other related unit.

I)     Overseeing the implementation of the strategies and decisions taken by the Unit and presenting the relevant evaluation report to the Rector.

J)     Working towards supplying free educational equipment or tools for the disabled students who are experiencing financial difficulties.

K)  For fair and accurate assessment and evaluation of all students, and to ensure equal opportunities and make the education process meaningful for students with disabilities, initiating and overseeing the implementation of the relevant adjustments supporting the differences of the disabled students in examinations in terms of time, place, material, and attendant reader.

L)   Supervising the preparation of informative books about employment opportunities and professions and ensuring the accessibility of these books to the students with disabilities.

M) Identifying disabled students during the time of university registration.

N)  Presenting proposals to the Rector in order to ensure that the university campus, buildings and open areas are accessible for the students with disabilities.

Operation and Working Principles of the Disabled Students Unit


The Unit is attached to and chaired by the Vice Rector appointed by the Rector. Duties of the Vice Rector in charge are as follows:

A) Chairing the Unit and the meetings,

B)  Taking necessary measures for the proper execution of the Unit Executive Board’s activities

C) Presenting the Unit’s annual activity reports to the Rector,

D) Representing the Unit,

E) Performing other duties assigned to him/her through these principles.

Formation and Duties of the Disabled Students Unit Executive Board



Disabled Students Unit Executive Board: With the participation of the Vice Rector in charge as the chair,  the Unit Coordinator, and a representative from the General Secretary’s office, Registrar’s Office, Sports Affairs Directorate, Computer Center Directorate, Technical Affairs Directorate, Total Quality Management Center, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Research Center and members appointed by the Rector from amongst the Disabled Students’ Advisors and the Disabled Students Representative,  the Disabled Students Unit Executive Board is composed of a minimum of eleven members in total.


The term of office for the members of the Unit Executive Board is three years. The members can be reassigned once their terms of office are completed. A new member is appointed by the Rector for the place and remaining period of service of a member who leaves the Board without completing his/her term.  The Unit’s Executive Board convenes at least once in each academic semester, and as and when necessary, and discusses agenda topics prepared by the Unit Chair or Coordinator. 


A)    Duties of the Disabled Students Unit Executive Board are as follows: Taking decisions about the Unit management and work taking place within the Unit,

B)    Discussing the proposals of the Unit Executive Board members and taking decisions, accordingly,

C)    Taking decisions regarding the formation and terming of project groups and similar sub-units, specification of their working principles and termination of their work,

D)    Preparing the principles pertaining to the disabled students and the unit for their discussion and approval at the University Executive Board,

E)     Determining the principles of cooperation for joint work with national and international institutions and organisations and analysing the protocols prepared for this purpose and putting forward views regarding the aforesaid protocols,

F)     Analysing the annual work plan and budget and ensuring that new program and budgetary arrangements are made by gathering the opinions of those concerned and are forwarded to the Rector in a timely manner.

Appointment, Duties and Powers of the Disabled Students Unit Coordinator



The Disabled Students Unit Coordinator, selected from the faculty members of the university with knowledge and experience in the field of disability and specialisation in related fields, is appointed by the Rector for a period of 3 (three) years. A Coordinator whose term of service has come to an end may be re-appointed through the same procedure. The Unit Coordinator may be dismissed from the office before the completion of the term with the written justification to be given by the Rector in accordance with the appointment procedure.


Duties of the Unit Coordinator are as follows:

A)    Coordinates all work taking place within the Unit,

B)    Is accountable to the Vice Rector to whom the Unit is affiliated,

C)    Carries out all other duties assigned to him/her with these principles.

Disabled Students’ Representative Elections


Disabled Students’ Representative: The Disabled Students' Representative is elected for a period of two years by the disabled students in the university identified by the unit.


Election procedures are carried out by the Unit. The Disabled Students’ Representative may be re-elected upon reaching the end of his/her term of service.

Disabled Student Advisor’s Duties and Powers


Disabled Student Advisor:  In order to meet the needs and demands of students with disabilities in each academic unit, a faculty member preferably well-versed in the field of disability and has specialisation in the related fields is appointed as a Disabled Student Advisor by the Academic Unit Executive Board for a period of 3 years.


The Disabled Student Advisor specifies the requests and recommendations of the disabled students within the relevant academic unit, provides necessary advisory services, monitors the problems encountered by the disabled students and takes the necessary action to tackle these problems.

Financial Resource


The financial resources required for the realization of the unit objectives are allocated from the budget of the Rectorate and the working principles are determined by the Rectorate.

Unprescribed situations


The University Executive Board decisions are valid in situations not prescribed in these principles.

Coming into Force


This principle comes into force following its date of approval by the University Executive Board.

Executive Power


The provisions of this principle are executed by the Eastern Mediterranean University Rector.