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Eastern Mediterranean University Education, Examinations And Success Regulations

(By-law under Article 32)


This By-law incorportates the “By-law for EMU Summer Term Course (Amendment No. 1/96)”.


The Senate has made the following By-law in accordance with Article 32 of “The [Board] Regulations for Education, Examinations and Success”.


Brief Name


[Senate] By-law for Summer School



This By-law specifies the principles for determining the course fees, registrations, examinations, evaluations and success in the Summer School.

Purpose of

the Summer



(1) To give the opportunity to those students having the right to attend the University, to become regular, having failed certain courses before and thus currently having an irregular status.

(2) To give the opportunity to successful students wishing to complete the program in which they are registered in less than the normal period of study.



The Summer School is offered between the Spring and Fall semesters. Its duration can not be more than 8 weeks. The dates of beginning and end of the Summer School are given in the Academic calendar.

Offered Courses and



(1) During the Summer term, based on the Faculty/School Council decision, a student can take 2 or 3 courses subject to not exceeding 10 credit hours.

(2) Any course in the academic programs may be offered in a Summer School.

(3) Courses that are likely to be offered during the Summer School are announced by the Rector’s Office at least 4 weeks before the commencement of the Summer School.

(4) Students intending to attend the Summer School should pre-register within the period determined by the Rector’s Office.

(5) In order to open a course in the Summer Term, the minimum number of students which is determined by the Rector’s Office should complete their pre-registration.

(6) Normal registration to a course should follow the procedure laid out in By-law for Course Registration.

(7) Students who have fulfilled all requirements of the English Preparatory School, may register in Summer School courses.

(8) Depending on the CGPA at the end of the Spring Semester and based on the criteria in Education, Examinations and Success Regulations,  students who previously received a D-, F, NG, or U grade from a course must register for that course as soon as it is available in the Summer School. However, graduating students who failed two courses at most and who have the appropriate number of remaining courses during the summer term, in the case of these courses being opened during Summer School, are given the right of graduation make-up instead of registering for the failed courses.   

(9) Subject to the approval of the Department Chair or the School Director, students may apply to withdraw from a Summer School course before the 27th teaching day counting from the official commencement day of classes. Students are given a ‘W’ grade for courses from which they have withdrawn.



Fees to be paid for the Summer School courses are not governed by the provisions given under Article 7 of Regulation for Education, Examinations and Success. The fee to be paid for each registered course is announced by the Rectors’ office at least 4 weeks before the starting date of the Summer School.



Examinations must be carried out according to the principles given under Article 19 of Regulation for Education, Examinations and Success.

Success and Evaluations













(1) At the end of the Summer School, grades of registered courses are determined as provided by Article 16 of Regulation for Education, Examinations and Success.

(2) Courses taken during the Summer School are listed under the heading “Summer School” in the transcript.

(3) Achievements during the Summer School are taken into account in the computation of the CGPA. However, Summer Term is not considered as an actual term.

(4) After Summer School, during the following semesters, provisions of Articles 20 or 21 of Regulation for Education, Examinations and Success are applied to students who fail to obtain a CGPA defined by the same articles at the end of the Summer School.   

(5) Summer School can not be considered as part of the “last two semesters” for the purpose of Graduation Makeup Examinations as defined by Article 8 of By-law for Examinations and Evaluations. With the decision of the Department or School Council, graduation makeup examinations for at most 2 courses taken during the Summer School and/or preceding two consecutive semesters can be given to students. Based on the Department/School Council decision, these examinations can be given only if upon there successful completion, the student will have satisfied all requirements for graduation.

Taking  Courses from Other Higher Educational Institutions during the Summer Term 


(1) During the Summer Term, students can take courses from other institutions of higher education subject to the provisions of the ‘Eastern Mediterranean University Taking Courses from Another Institution By-law’.


(2)  “F” and “E” grades are issued for courses taken from other Higher Educational Institutions. In order for a student to achieve an “E” grade, s/he should obtain at least 60 or a “C” grade (or another equivalent; e.g., CC etc.).  Any other grades obtained are given an “F” grade.

Other matters


Any provisions not defined in this By-law are subject to the provisions of Regulation for Education, Examinations and Success.

Executive Power


This By-Law is executed by the Rector’s Office

Coming into Force


This By-law comes into force following its approval by the Senate. As soon as this By-law is operative, previous By-law falls into desuetude.