Eastern Mediterranean University, Education, Examinations and Success By-law (By-law under Article 15)


Eastern Mediterranean University Rectorís Office prepared the following By-law according to article 15 of the Eastern Mediterranean University Education, Examinations and Success By-law with Senates approval.


Brief Name


Eastern Mediterranean University By- law for Minor Programs.

Aim and Scope for Opening Minor Programs







This aim of this By-law is to provide information for EMU students who successfully study at an undergraduate/school program and who would like to improve their knowledge at another program that they are interested in.


Opening of a minor program takes place upon the Senateís approval based on the recommendations of the department which opens the program and the faculty/school board. These programs are executed with the co-operation of the department opening the program and the department benefitting from the program. The minor program consists of a minimum of 18 credits.


Application, Admission †and Registration Requirements


(1) At the beginning of each semester, quotas are determined and minor programs are announced by each relevant department.


(2) Applications for minor programs take place upon the submission of an application form and a transcript to the Registrarís Office during the period specified by the Senate.


(3) In order to be qualified to apply for a minor program, the student must possess a CGPA of 2.50 and above.


(4) The student can apply for the announced minor program at the beginning of the 3rd semester of the main-branch undergraduate programme or the 2nd semester of the main-branch school program.


(5) Students studying at a Turkish medium department and wishing to take a minor program from an English medium department must be successful from the English Proficiency test or certify their level of English with internationally or nationally accepted examinations equivalent to the English Proficiency Test.


(6) If students whose native language isnít Turkish want to enter a Turkish medium minor program, they must certify that their Turkish is at an adequate level by taking the related institutionís/unitís Turkish Proficiency exams.


(7) Candidates who have applied for the university programs that require special skills must enter and be successful in the special skills exams that will be carried out by the relevant programs.


(8) Applications which have all the stated requirements are put into process by the Registrarís Office.


(9) Admissions take place following the decision of the relevant faculty board based on the applied departmentís recommendation.


(10) A student cannot register for more than one minor program or a double-major and a minor program at the same time.




The related department chair appoints minor program coordinators in order to determine the courses to be opened in the minor program, help the students to plan the courses they wish to take in each semester and to enable the minor program to be carried out in a way that is suitable to its aim. The minor program coordinators carry out their duty by keeping in contact with studentsí major undergraduate program advisors.




Students following a minor program are required to take the prerequisites of the program courses. If the prerequisite courses have not been taken in the major program before, they must be taken on the condition that they will not be included in the calculation of the GPA (grade point average) of the minor program. Grades obtained from such prerequisite courses are reflected on the minor program transcript.


The Relationship Between the Major and Double

Minor †Programs


(1) The studentís success and graduation in the major undergraduate program is not affected by the minor program in any way. A separate grade report and a transcript are prepared for the minor programme.


(2) The courses which are counted in both programs take place in the studentís semester record of both programs and are shown on both transcripts. However, these common courses are treated as a single course in the calculation of the course load. In the case of the studentís willingness to withdraw from a course that is common in both programmes, the withdrawal process takes place for both programs. In cases where the total number of courses taken from the major and the minor programs falls below the 3/5 of the major courses, the student is not given the permission to withdraw.

(3) In order for the students to complete the registered minor program, they are required to take a minimum of 4 courses with a minimum of 12 credits offered by the minor program apart from the courses that are taken for both programs and/or counted in both programs.

Course Load


(1) The total credit course load of a minor student who takes courses both from the major and minor programs can exceed the maximum course load of the major program by one course if the student holds a CGPA between 2.00-2.49 from the major program.


(2) The total credit course load of a minor student who takes courses both from the major and minor programs can exceed the maximum course load of the major program by two courses if the student holds a CGPA 2.50 and above from the major program.

Success and Programme Completion Requirements


(1) Students who have obtained the right to graduate from their major program and who have completed the minor program with a minimum GPA of 2.00 are given a minor certificate.

(2) Students who have gained the right to graduate from their major program but who have not completed their minor program are given an extra period of one semester in order to complete the minor program. This extra period of time may be extended subject to the decision of the relevant faculty board. These students are given their major program diplomas at the end of the graduation semester. The minor program faculty board is responsible for taking decisions about such students.

(3) Students who have completed a minor program cannot benefit from the rights and privileges given by the undergraduate/school diploma issued by the department/school which offers the minor program.

(4) If a department offers a double-major program and at the same time a minor program/s, a student who leaves or is dismissed from a double-major program has the right to obtain the minor program certificate for the courses taken from the program if s/he has met the minor program requirements until s/he leaves or is dismissed.

If the student in such a case has not completed all the requirements of the minor program s/he has preferred, s/he is given the right to apply for the minor program with no time limitations in order to complete incomplete courses.


Leaving or Terminating the Double

Minor Program

Temporarily or Permanently


1) Students can leave the minor program of their own accord.


(2) Students already registered to a double-major or minor program can apply to another double-major or minor program on the condition that they meet application requirements. They can also transfer to a new program provided that they leave the previous program.

(3) A student who is granted a leave of absence in the current major program is also considered to be on leave of absence in his/her minor program. Upon the recommendation of the department giving the minor program and the decision of the relevant Faculty Board, students who are not able to take any minor program courses due to minor program courses not being opened or course clashes may be granted a leave of absence for a semester.

(4) Students who do not take any courses from the minor program for two consecutive semesters without any permission are dismissed from the minor program.

(5) A student whose CGPA has fallen below 2.00 from the major program cannot take courses from the minor program during the following semester.

(6) A student is dismissed from the minor program if s/he receives a CGPA below 2.00 for two consecutive terms in the minor program.

(7) If a student is dismissed from the minor program, s/he is not required to repeat the courses failed from the minor program.

Tuition Fees for the Minor Program


1) Apart from the education fees of the registered department, students who are admitted to a minor program are entitled to pay the fee per credit for each minor program course that is not common with the major program courses.


(2) Those students who benefit from scholarships or discounts that are stated in the Eastern Mediterranean University Student Scholarship Application By-law also benefit from these rights in their minor programs. The duration of the scholarship is for half a year after having graduated from the major program.


(3) Students who take additional courses after having met the requirements specified in article 6 of the ĎCourse Registration By-lawí can use this right in the minor program, if they wish. For extra courses taken under the circumstances specified above, no payment is made.

Executive Power


This By-law is executed by the Rectorís Office.

Coming into Force


This By-law comes into force following its approval by the Senate.