(Regulation Under Article 32)


With the approval of the Senate, Eastern Mediterranean University Rector’s Office has made this By-law in accordance with Article 32 of the By-law for Education, Examinations and Success.









Brief Title


By-law for Student Advisorship



In this by-law,

The University” represents Eastern Mediterranean University,

Rector’s Office” represents EMU Rector’s Office,

Faculty/School” represents Faculties and Schools at Eastern Mediterranean University,

Dean/Director” represents Faculty Deans and School Directors at Eastern Mediterranean University,

Department/Program” represents Departments and Programs of Faculties and Schools at Eastern Mediterranean University,

Board of Advisors” repsents the Board formed by departmental student advisors and student representatives, chaired by the Department Head/Program Coordinator,

Advisor” represents a member of the academic staff at a specific department/program appointed for each student by the Department Head/Program Coordinator,

Class Representative” represents a student elected from each class of undergraduate programs of Faculties and Schools by  registered students. Class representatives represent their class for a period of one year.




The aim of this By-law is to regulate the principles for the purpose, scope and operation of the student advisorship services as well as  administrative bodies involved in the delivery of these services and their relevant duties,




This By-law encompasses the provisions about the aim of the student advisorship services to be provided for  Eastern Mediterranean University students at their departments, the operation areas, administrative bodies and responsibilities, and  operation principles and methods.





The Aim of Advisorship



The aim of the Student Advisorship at Eastern Mediterranean University is to help students in solving the problems they may encounter primarily in academic areas,  to provide guidance, to assist them in their chosen profession, to inform them about the facilities of the University and Faculty/School, to monitor their academic performance and success, in case of failure, to provide relevant assistance and to help in course selection. 


Advisorship Duties of the Class Representative


The following are the duties and responsibilities of class representatives regarding advisorship:

(1)   Working in collaboration with the student advisors of the class s/he is representing and helping fellow students,

(2)   Communicating the problems brought by fellow students to the student advisors,

(3)   Attending the meetings of the Board of Advisors.


The Student Advisor and his/her Duties


For each registered student, a student advisor who is a member of the academic staff is appointed by the relevant Department’s/Program/s Chair or Program Coordinator a week before the first day of registrations with advisors, the latest.  In faculties with no departments, the appointment of student advisors is carried out by the relevant Dean. Duties and responsibilities of advisors continue until the graduation of the student/s under his/her advisorship.  

Duties and responsibilities of the student advisors are as follows:


(1)   Providing guidance for students regarding their chosen professions,

(2)   Providing assistance,  

(3)   Informing students about the facilities of the University, Faculty/School and Department/Program,

(4)   Monitoring the success of students in their courses,

(5)   Monitoring the attendance of students to courses,

(6)   In case of failure, investigating the reasons for lack of success,

(7)   Warning the students about the factors that cause failure,

(8)   Following the course withdrawal/dropping procedures of the students and finding out the reasons,

(9)   Providing information for students regarding elective courses and helping with the course selection,

(10)    If deemed necessary, informing the Department Chair/Program Coordinator about a student/students who need/s to be directed to the Psychological Counseling Guidance and Research Center (PDRAM) to receive psychological counseling and guidance services,

(11)    Ensuring that the forms sent by Faculty/School administration are duly completed,

(12)   Informing the Department Chair/Program Coordinator about student problems that cannot be solved by the advisor,

(13)   Carrying out the weekly advisorship program specified by the Department Chair/Program Coordinator,

(14)    Attending the meetings of the Board of Advisors and, at the end of each academic semester, informing the Department Chair/Program Coordinator about the problems of the students under his/her advisorship and relevant measures to be taken.  


Duties of the Department Chairs/Program Coordinators about Advisorship



Within the framework of the student advisorship services, following are the duties of Department Chairs/Program Coordinators:  

(1)   Appointing student advisors at the beginning of every academic year,

(2)   Presenting the problems submitted by Student Advisors to Faculty/School administration,

(3)   Monitoring the quality of the service provided by Student Advisors, developing solutions for problems encountered and making sure that the system functions healthily, 

(4)   Making sure that student advisors fill in the forms prepared by Faculty/School administration for each student for  whom assistantship services are provided,

(5)   Chairing the Board of Advisors and presenting the Board’s report prepared with the aim of solving student problems detected and determining the students who need assistance and motivation to Faculty/School administration,

(6)   Making sure that the problems encountered during the delivery of the advisorship services are discussed as an additional agenda item during the meetings of  Departmental Academic Boards at the end of or during each semester; Gathering recommendations and evaluations regarding this issue.


Duties of Faculty/School Administration (Faculty Dean or School Director) regarding Student Advisorship



Within the framework of the student advisorship duties,  responsibilities of Faculty/School Administration (Faculty Dean or School Director) are as follows:

(1)   With the aim of providing high quality student advisorship services, monitoring student satisfaction and student success rate; developing forms to detect student problems and informing relevant units/departments accordingly. The following topics should be covered in such forms:  

(a)   Determining the level of student satisfaction concerning their departments and overcoming problems creating dissatisfaction,

(b)  Gathering information about students’ social and economic conditions,

(c)   Collecting information about students’ expectations from their departments,

(d)  Assessing whether students find the advisorship services sufficient or not; if they find the service insufficient, finding out the areas that additional advisorship services are needed.

(2)   Informing all Faculty/School staff members responsible for the delivery of student advisorship services about the importance of these services and the completion and evaluation of the relevant forms,

(3)   Implementing necessary work to solve student problems and complaints brought by Department Chairs/Program Coordinators and taking measures if necessary.


(4)   Regarding the “Advisors’ Board Report’ submitted by Department Chairs/Program Coordinators, organising a meeting with the Faculty/School Board and informing the Rector’s Office about the outcomes.





Executive Power


This By-law is executed by the Eastern Mediterranean University Rector’s Office.  

Coming into Force


This By-law comes into force following the date of its approval by Eastern Mediterranean University Senate.